Protecting high-value customer onboarding

Global payments provider reduced onboarding time by 60%

Adding over £47,000 in additional year 1 revenue for every customer
Protecting high-value customer onboarding

A globally recognised payment gateway struggled with a lengthy onboarding for new high-value merchants, averaging 90 days per application. 

The inefficient process discouraged potential clients and delayed revenue realisation. A lack of automation or personalisation burdened all new merchants with excessive questions, and resulted in poor and inconsistent data quality. The net result was commercial losses, as valuable customers abandoned their applications, and time wasted as internal teams were bogged down by manual checks.


To address these challenges, the provider leveraged Copilot to streamline onboarding with automated data gathering and AML checks, enhanced due diligence, and real-time integration with global data sources. The outcome reduced onboarding time by 60%, improved data quality, and reduced time to revenue, resulting in average additional year one revenues for every new merchant of over £47,000.

Average decrease in onboarding time
Increased revenue per merchant in year one
54 day
Decrease in time to revenue
Average merchant annual contract value
15 Countries
Onboarded from
5 days
Fastest onboarding, from 90 days

"While the process and efficiency improvements were impressive, the commercial gains we achieved exceeded our expectations."

Global Head - Revenue Operations

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Experience the
Copilot difference,
talk to one of the team.