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Detected helps you grow

Onboard the right businesses, get to revenue faster.


Onboard your customers faster to generate revenue quicker. Detected helps accelerate your growth.

Reducing Customer Churn

Detected uses a simple modular approach to build an onboarding flow. This improves customer engagement from day one.

Return On Investment

Detected’s intelligent onboarding significantly reduces the operational time, cost and risk. A direct benefit to your business bottom line.

At Detected, we measure effective business onboarding in three ways

1. speed

Faster Time to Revenue
Detected will reduce the time it takes for a user to be risk approved and actively using your product or service.
One link onboarding
Fully customisable flow
Industry-leading UX design
Whitelabelled end-to-end
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2. Cost Reduction

Lower Total Cost of Business Onboarding
Detected decreases the total cost incurred by your business when onboarding and risk monitoring a user.
Case Management for real-time monitoring
Connect to specially selected fraud, risk and compliance sources
REST APIs and off-the-shelf integrations
Powered by AI
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3. Growth

Decreased Customer Churn
Detected reduces the number of users who leave your KYB process due to lengthy or overcomplicated onboarding. 
Engaging, user-friendly UX
Custom flows by region
Speed and simplicity throughout
Auto language detection
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