Your global end-to-end KYB platform

Finally, frictionless onboarding

The problem

Without Detected, KYB is fragmented

No true end-to-end provider

Every piece of KYB is offered by a different provider. From Credit Data & ID Verification to continuous monitoring, and everything in-between. This makes KYB a complex and costly operation.

Disjointed and inadequate data

UBO and international company data isn’t available at a consistent standard. It’s a problem that’s improving but if it keeps coming from disjointed sources, it will never be sufficient.

Confusing for buyers

Providers that have one area of expertise are starting to diversify and claim to offer full KYB, though these are retrofit solutions. This is confusing buyers, and flooding the industry with sub-par services.

Nobody wins

Disconnected KYB is slow and frustrating for the business that is being onboarded, and expensive and inefficient for the business that is onboarding their customers. It’s a lose-lose situation that is inefficient and doesn't scale.

At Detected, we measure effective KYB in three ways

1. speed

Faster Time to Revenue
Detected will reduce the time it takes for a user to be risk approved and actively using your product or service.
One link onboarding
Fully customisable flow
Industry-leading UX design
Whitelabelled end-to-end
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2. Cost Reduction

Lower Total Cost of KYB
Detected decreases the total cost incurred by your business when onboarding and risk monitoring a user.
KYB dashboard for real-time monitoring
One subscription for 1,700 global data sources
REST APIs and off-the-shelf integrations
Powered by AI
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3. Growth

Decreased Customer Churn
Detected reduces the number of users who leave your KYB process due to lengthy or overcomplicated onboarding. 
Engaging, user-friendly UX
Custom flows by region
Speed and simplicity throughout
Auto language detection
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