Automating high-volume onboarding

European marketplace sees auto-approvals reach 59%

28% decrease in time to revenue.
Automating high-volume onboarding

A high growth European marketplaces was onboarding via a business data source, a spreadsheet underpinned by a growing team.

Information was manually searched and entered to calculate a risk score based on a custom calculation. The highly repetitive nature of this process and time required to approve each client was becoming a huge bottleneck in the overall onboarding process, limiting growth.

Little information was captured during the onboarding process from the customer meaning data couldn’t be validated and there were no screenings in place to monitor their clients once onboarded.


Now, using Copilot by Detected, based on their custom compliance rules, 59% of customers are processed and auto approved within 5 minutes. The compliance team completes their review of the remaining onboards in the Detected case management system with all the data presented in one company profile that is easy to analyse. Furthermore, their clients ongoing compliance is now guaranteed through continuous monitoring that alerts the compliance team of any changes to their status.

Decrease in time to revenue.
Auto approval rate.
Decrease in customer churn.
5 mins
Auto completion time.
Manual data collection and input
Systems used, previously 5.

"Our processes have been transformed, our customer onboarding is now simpler and we have much greater insight at every stage."

Chief Compliance Officer

Experience the Copilot difference,
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Experience the
Copilot difference,
talk to one of the team.