Machine Compare Partners with Detected to Protect Customers

Feb 11, 2021
Jan 20, 2024
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Machine Compare Partners with Detected to Protect Customers

11 February 2021 Machine Compare, the leading marketplace to find and sell machinery, has partnered with Detected to enhance due diligence and reinforce trust on Machine Compare’s revolutionary spare parts platform.

March 2021 will see Machine Compare adding e-commerce to its portfolio with a first of its kind marketplace set to revolutionise industrial trade by allowing manufacturers to turn unused, overstocked and obsolete spare parts tied up in factories across the world into capital.

To date, Machine Compare has identified over £5B worth of spare parts sitting unused across multi-national manufacturing plantations within sectors such as food and drink, packaging, paper, and pharmaceutical.

Instead of these spare parts ending up in landfill, a route which all too often manufacturers are taking, these parts will now be turned into capital with the security and governance measures in place thanks to Detected.

Without effective visibility into manufacturing supply chains, businesses and in particular executives are faced with significant blind spots in their enterprise risk management structure, from which substantial legal, financial, and reputational exposure could emerge. This is exactly why Machine Compare turned to Detected to provide the compliance metrics that matter most.

Every listing on Machine Compare’s new marketplace will contain the Detected icon. Clicking this internationally recognised mark of trust immediately brings up a seller’s real-time business credentials; live information that Detected gathers automatically, standardised and presented in an easy-to-understand interactive format.

Detected is the only company in the world to surface this detailed data on a marketplace’s front-end website.  

Ben Findlay, Machine Compare’s CEO and co-founder said: “We’re giving organisations the chance to revaluate how and when stock is bought, sold and marketed, giving end-to-end users full transparency of the supply chain and most of all, the assurance needed to trade securely. Detected forms an important part of this governance process, increasing transparency, protecting customers and strengthening the customer experience."

Like Detected, Machine Compare is highly committed to the circular economy and its new marketplace helps businesses close the circle by extending the life of spare parts by stopping parts from prematurely being considered at end-of-life. Furthermore, after parts have been used and have reached end-of-life, Machine Compare invites recycling partners to repurpose these parts to create a truly circular ecosystem. As well as that, all carbon emitted throughout the supply chain is then displaced, supporting the conservation, reforestation and carbon powerhouses across the world who need it most.  

Liam Chennells, Chief Executive Officer at Detected said: “Machine Compare has built a leading position serving a sector critical to the UK economy. Buyers and sellers want to feel comfortable with their decisions. Confidence and trust make or break a sale. We are excited to work with Machine Compare to deliver transparency that customers can trust.”

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