Design, Connect and Control

Our cloud based platform comprises three key elements. A simple, no-code, modular customer Onboarding Flow Builder; the Detected Intelligent Data Engine and the Detected Case Management Dashboard.


Design your onboarding flow

Detected’s Onboarding Flow Builder uses a simple modular approach and is unique in the industry, allowing you to design a flow and question set relevant for your risk type, product or market.

View, search and filter your customer profiles
Set parameters to monitor for changes in risk
Activate status tags to support internal processes
Configure the dynamic Onboarding Flow requirements by region, product or company type or any other configuration
Choose to utilise default best-practice settings or customize your own
Set custom user profiles and apply your branding

Connect to a global network of fraud, risk and compliance intelligence

The Detected Intelligent Data Engine provides access to the most comprehensive network of specially selected fraud, risk and compliance sources. Fast and comprehensive, run checks based on your risk needs. 

Company Information

Automatically populate essential information about your business customers.

Finance and credit data

Fetch critical financial data to determine risk status and enable decisioning.

Director checks

Retrieve and verify director information to complete KYC checks.


Obtain and validate individuals and companies with over 25% ownership.

ID verification

Authenticate all individuals related to a company and only onboard genuine customers.

PEP and sanctions screening

Screen all companies and individuals against global watchlists.

Adverse media checks

Check and monitor global news sources for change in risk and compliance status.

Custom documents and fields

Tailor your onboarding flow to facilitate every department’s data needs.

Your view

Control and auditability

Detected Case Management, where flows, onboarding performance and customer data is managed. 

Simple, user-friendly guided interface
Onboarding flow automatically tailored by region
Advanced matching algorithm uses just name and city to scan global data sources to fetch core company data
Embedded UBO, ID verification, questionnaire, Director and Document functionality
Your brand end-to-end
Easily configured in the Case Management System
SOC 2 certification

Security and performance

To ensure you meet your legal requirements, we’ve undergone rigorous third-party SOC 2 auditing to guarantee that your data is safe and processed in accordance with data protection guidelines.


We closely monitor service availability across our network of 1,700 data sources to ensure maximum uptime and failover procedures.


We’ve built robust access controls and intrusion detection to prevent security breaches and unauthorised access.


We have tight access controls to protect all personal identifiable information (PII) of your business customers.


We safeguard and ring-fence all custom data and documentation that your customers upload to your Detected instance.

Processing integrity

We guarantee that all our data processing is complete, valid, accurate, timely and authorised.