Indian Marketplace Beldara Adds Detected’s Mark Of Trust

Mar 1, 2021
Jan 20, 2024
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Indian Marketplace Beldara Adds Detected’s Mark Of Trust

1st March 2021Beldara, an Indian marketplace that enables businesses to sell internationally, has deployed Detected, the only verification solution for online marketplaces.

Beldara specialises in international wholesale and retail. Millions of buyers and sellers use the marketplace to develop strong relationships, expand their international reach and grow faster across 30+ categories - from clothing and furniture to electricals and food.

Each Beldara seller now has a Detected profile and those buying on Beldara can verify a seller with one click. Detected surfaces business credentials such as active status as well as company type and age.

Detected is the only company in the world to show this information to buyers.

Through Detected, sellers build trust and sell more, consumers buy online with confidence, and marketplaces have a zero-cost way of verifying sellers at scale. Detected can be deployed within one day, which includes Detected’s comprehensive dashboard for complete seller management.

Pradeep Khandekar, Chief Executive Officer at Beldara said: “Our mission is to simplify how consumers, brands, retailers, merchants, strategic alliance partners and third-party service providers around the world trade together. Trust underpins cross-border business relationships and through Detected our customers know precisely who they are buying from wherever they are in the world.”

Liam Chennells, Chief Executive Officer at Detected said: “Beldara enables businesses to trade with each other far more conveniently and securely. We are excited to work with another eCommerce leader that recognises the need to place business integrity and transparency at the heart of every customer transaction. This is our first Indian partner and for it to be a successful business like Beldra that has just completed a significant funding round, further validates the international requirement for what we do. ”

More than 50,000 businesses use Detected to reinforce trust, sell more and showcase their business credibility. Customers and partners include BigCommerce, Spryker, Aucto, Machine Compare,, Kaleida and others.

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