Fondy sign with Detected to streamline onboarding processes across all verticals

Jan 22, 2024
Jan 22, 2024
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Ben Ainslie

22nd January 2024. Fondy, have signed with Detected to automate their business onboarding processes as they continue to increase market growth. Finding a flexible and scalable onboarding solution to service their diverse range of clients was becoming a necessity.

Fondy is a one stop payment solution for cross border commerce, marketplaces and platforms that enables them to move money without friction. With Fondy, users can enjoy freedom to focus on growing their business locally and internationally.

The need for a more efficient, cost-effective, and flexible onboarding and compliance solution prompted Fondy to explore alternatives that could better align with their operational requirements.

For Fondy, Detected’s solution offered a streamlined approach to onboarding that could service all of Fondy’s verticals. The modular onboarding flow builder allowed for some clients to go down a more thorough onboarding journey, others to complete simple checks and sole traders to go down their own flow.

Additionally, instead of Fondy needing to acquire multiple agreements with different data providers only one agreement with Detected was required. Detected’s risk, fraud and compliance ecosystem automatically combines the best information from a range of data sources into one complete business profile.

The Detected case management system also provided complete control over the onboarding processes and customer data. Now, Fondy can readily adapt their onboarding flows, request further information and complete their compliance reviews more efficiently. Additionally, clear communication channels have been established with a dedicated support channel. 

Using Detected’s onboarding flow behavioural analysis, key metrics including onboarding time and review efficiency can be closely monitored. This ensures that this solution remains more cost-effective and offers the best possible onboarding experience to new customers. 

About Detected: 

Detected is reinventing the traditional approach to business onboarding, reducing costs, while improving compliance and reducing regulatory risk for its customers.  Focused on meeting the needs of Payment companies and Marketplace operators where onboarding new merchants or customers is a time-sensitive, commercial imperative.

Detected is unique in the market by allowing its customers to design their ideal business onboarding sequence using the no-code, Detected modules. Customers then connect to Detected’s ecosystem of risk, fraud and compliance sources, ensuring the most appropriate checks are completed. Finally, the Detected Case Management System, provides a single source of truth and control over all customer data.  

Welcome to Onboarding Intelligence by Detected.

About Fondy:

Fondy is a leading one stop payment solution for cross border commerce, marketplaces and platforms that enables them to move money without friction. With Fondy you can enjoy freedom to focus on growing your business locally and internationally.

Enable easy payment collection, split payments and make pay-outs through a single API today. Businesses can easily integrate our white label solutions to start accepting local and international payments through websites, apps, social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, as well as digital channels. Compatible with more than 30 content platforms, plus financial and accounting software, Fondy is enabling many businesses to sell online and has become the preferred choice by many wishing to integrate a seamless payment solution.

Article by
Ben Ainslie

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