Detected collaborates with Visa to offer improved SMB Onboarding in the US and Canada

Feb 19, 2024
Feb 19, 2024
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19th February 20204. Detected is pleased to announce its collaboration with Visa to offer businesses a fast, efficient and intelligent business onboarding process. The news extends Detected’s relationship with Visa but is a first in the US & Canada.

For payment providers around the world, the complexity of safely onboarding businesses has reached a tipping-point. Meeting the commercial imperative to onboard fast, but without a compromise to risk, is the new battleground. Finding the balance between long drawn-out paper questionnaires and process versus a simple digital customer journey is what sets apart the new generation of onboarding partners like Detected.

Liam Chennells, Detected's CEO, emphasised the challenge of ensuring compliance where moving money is involved, particularly in validating business credentials, saying:

“Detected's Onboarding Intelligence, stands out by efficiently locating registered companies worldwide with minimal data input. The partnership with Visa and its collaborators marks an exciting opportunity to pioneer advancements in this category.”

Sarah Steele, Senior Director of Visa Small Business Product said

“We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Detected to give Visa small business customers access to streamlined onboarding, while ensuring a safe and compliant ecosystem Through Detected’s unique intelligence engine and ongoing monitoring capabilities, Visa customers can take advantage of a user-friendly interface.”

About Detected:

Detected is reinventing the traditional approach to business onboarding, lowering costs, while improving compliance and reducing regulatory risk for its customers. Focused on meeting the needs of Payment companies and Marketplace operators where onboarding new merchants or customers is a time-sensitive, commercial imperative. Detected is unique in the market by allowing its customers to design their ideal business onboarding sequence using the no-code, Detected modules. Customers then connect to Detected’s ecosystem of risk, fraud and compliance ecosystem, ensuring the most appropriate checks are completed. Finally, the Detected case management system provides a single source of truth and control over all customer data.

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