Detected and Spryker Partner to Strengthen Trust on Marketplaces

Mar 4, 2021
Jan 20, 2024
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Detected and Spryker Partner to Strengthen Trust on Marketplaces

4th March 2021Spryker, a fast-growing challenger within the commerce technology industry focused on innovating enterprises, has partnered with Detected to bring Detected functionality to its Marketplace Suite customers.

With extensive features and capabilities for both B2B, B2C and marketplace needs, 100% uptime during high-traffic times like Black Friday, and a Scrutinizer Score of 9.8x, Spryker is a major force in international digital commerce. Spryker’s solutions empower over 150 companies to manage transactions in more than 200 countries worldwide with customers including Toyota, Siemens, Hilti, and Ricoh.

Anyone buying from a Spryker-powered marketplace with Detected functionality activated can now review a merchant’s business credentials in real-time by clicking the Detected icon. Detected collects this information automatically from data sources across the globe, standardizes it and presents everything in an easy-to-understand format. Detected is the only company in the world to surface this insight on a marketplace or e-commerce store’s front-end website.

Alexander Graf, Co-CEO of Spryker Systems GmbH said, “Detected’s internationally recognized mark is transparency which provides our customers with a solution they can trust. The right information in the right place at the right time ensures buyers can shop online with even greater confidence. Detected’s technology reflects our vision perfectly - its solution is intuitive, loved by developers and consumers, and challenges the status quo.”

Liam Chennells, Chief Executive Officer at Detected said, “Spryker has built a powerful B2C and B2B suite of digital commerce solutions trusted by the world’s most credible brands. We are excited to provide Spryker customers with a powerful way of protecting both their own hard-earned reputation and that of their merchants.”

Spryker was included in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce and named a major player in B2B e-Commerce by IDC. The company recently raised over $130m in a Series C financing round led by Silicon Valley-based TCV.

Detected is trusted by online marketplaces and e-commerce providers across the world. Customers and partners include Machine Compare, and Kaleida in the UK with others across international B2B and B2C digital commerce in the final stages of deployment.

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