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How Business Travel Platforms Increase Their Analyst Capacity By 167%

Business Travel Success Story
Apr 11, 20231 min read
Accounts Approved in Hours, Not Weeks
Increased Analyst Capacity

Defining the Problem

An overwhelmed compliance analyst manually onboarded new business travel accounts.

An EU based provider of an all-in-one travel platform was experiencing major MoM growth in new business accounts that required the assignment of credit limits.

With a team of two analysts supporting nearly 800 sales reps, onboarding new business accounts quickly became the bottleneck to gaining new clients.

Prior to Detected

Prior to Detected, a sales rep and an analyst would manually onboard new clients using an array of disparate data sources and email back-and-forth.

After a new client request for flexible payment options, the sales rep would (via many emails) advise and collect required information from the client, submitting the information through their CRM.

Prior to reaching an analyst, the 'deal desk' would review files for completeness. Often, the deal desk would need to request the sales rep for more information due to incompleteness.

Once approved for completeness, the analyst would then undertake a manual verification of each business to verify the submitted information. This was accomplished using websites, social channels, Google maps, and further requesting information from the business.

Impact of the Problem

The multi-step, manual workflow limited onboarding capacity and the value of the analyst.

  • The average time to approve a flexible account was in excess of two weeks. Further, an analyst could only verify 15 accounts per day.
  • The inefficient workflow created tension between the sales reps, deal desk, and credit analysts due to the amount of internal back and forth.
  • The analysts' time was consumed with low-value tasks, such as data gathering, as opposed to high-value tasks like assessing credit worthiness and conducting fraud checks.
  • The user experience for businesses being onboarded was poor and fragmented as a result of interacting with multiple stakeholders and having no clear user path to completion.

New Processes with Detected

Using a single link, the sales rep can now initiate the verification process to deliver a seamless and logical user journey.

Prior to launch, Detected worked with the analysts and deal desk to define jurisdictional requirements for assessing a business. As result, sales reps initiate a fully customized and white-labelled journey for the client, via a single link.

Instead of manual email tennis, the credit analyst simply receives an alert when a Business Profile is completed and ready for review.

And, any additional requirements can be requested by the analyst (from the client) at the click of a button in Detected's KYB Dashboard.

What was once a fragmented and entirely manual process, now exists as a truly end-to-end journey that matches the requirements of the travel platform to the desired user experience of the client the first of its kind in the business travel industry.