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Ultimate beneficial ownership

Finding UBO information is notoriously difficult, as official records are infrequently updated. Detected surfaces government data during onboarding and asks your customers to either verify or update records to build the most up-to-date picture of companies and individuals with greater than 25% of ownership.

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Automatic data sourcing
Individual owners
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Ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO)

Capture Type

Automatic fetch from global data sources, combined with input from the onboarding portal.


200+ countries

for your customers

Check, update and submit

During onboarding, your business customers can check their ownership information and make any amendments to bring this up-to-date, all without leaving the app.

For you

Unlock associated company and individual checks

With Detected, you can seamlessly capture up-to-date UBO information allowing you to run automated adverse media, PEP and sanctions checks on both the companies and individuals associated with the company being onboarded.

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