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Using just a company name and city, Detected finds any company in the world and automatically populates the core company information within their business profile.

Company name
Company number
Registered address
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Legal form
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Core company information

Capture Type

Automatic fetch from global data sources, triggered once end-user has self-selected their company.


200+ countries

for your customers

Instant company self-selection

Using just a company name and city, Detected's advanced matching algorithm can find essential company data about any company worldwide.

Your customers input just these two pieces of information in the mobile onboarding app, then self-select their company from the suggested list to create their business profile.

for you

One connection for global data

Retrieving and updating core company data used to be an ongoing administrative task, requiring regular de-duplication and multiple data sources.

With Detected, this is automated at the point of onboarding through one single connection and is continually updated against all your active customers, for life.

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