Our mission

To onboard 10 million businesses globally by 2025

Our vision

Frictionless onboarding for every business in the world

By designing the best digital onboarding experience for business customers, layered upon our unique networked technology, the Detected profile has become the most up-to-date, verified and comprehensive record of global business identity.

With Detected’s frictionless onboarding, every business has the opportunity to grow its customer base at home and internationally without compromise.
$75 billion
Poor customer experience costs businesses $75 billion a year. We have zero tolerance for mediocre onboarding - we’re actively solving this bottom line cost.
54% of businesses have declined legitimate customers due to onboarding processes that aren’t fit for purpose. We want to stop companies from missing out on valid revenue opportunities and needlessly restricting their growth.

Our values

The Detected Culture

We believe that inspiration, in business and in life, is most likely to come from the unlikely places.

We expect a lot from our team, but we give a lot back. We’re open and collaborative. We listen, and strive to be bold, honest, and human in everything we do. 

We aren’t afraid to be bold, both in our ideas and in our ambition. We believe we can be in the top 0.1% because we have the drive and agile thinking to achieve it. We always ask ourselves: Are we being the best we can be?
We talk openly and honestly with each other and with our clients. We don’t have time for jargon, or the softly- softly approach, instead we keep communications simple and respectful. We never over promise, and we own our mistakes. We get the job done.
We understand the best ideas don’t always happen at a desk, and that a full life means a fuller work life too. We respect this by providing unlimited holiday to work anywhere policies. Happy wins.

Our culture

We believe that inspiration, in business and in life, is more likely to come from the unlikely places.